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Stage Two Trailer

Edited by Mimi Snow

The arrival of a pretty Ukrainian college student as their “cleaning lady” disrupts the lives of a young couple, one of whom has been keeping a seemingly innocent secret.  The awkward and embarrassing fallout from the discovery of this secret leads to a crossroads in the couple’s relationship.

Stage Two is the second in a forthcoming series of five short comedies inspired by the five stages of grief: Denial; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; and Acceptance.

Stage Two


Maggie              Leslie Murphy

Dave                 Eric Almquist

Julie                  Leah Myette

Maggie's Mom  Edie McClurg

Written and Directed By Wendy Roderweiss

Produced by Natasha Bayus, Maura Reilly and Wendy Roderweiss

Cinematography by Charles Swanson

Edited by Mimi Snow

Sound by Rob Steel, Mike Mitchell and Rob Davis

Premiered at The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival

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