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Stage Four Trailer (above)
Edited by Ward Crockett

After Paul confesses to a one-night-stand, disrupting their nearly 25 year marriage, Alice comes to terms with her bubbling depression. While she seeks meaning outside the marriage, Paul atones for his mistakes and tries to resurrect their relationship.

Stage Four is the fourth in a forthcoming series of five short comedies inspired by the five stages of grief: Denial; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; and Acceptance.

Stage Three

Alice              Janelle Snow
Paul               David Pasquesi
Chris              Josh Bywater
Dave              Eric Almquist
Cuyler            Herself 

Written and Directed By Wendy Roderweiss
Produced by Kevin Endres, Natasha Bayus & Wendy Roderweiss
Cinematography by John Klein
Production Design by Katrina Kuss
Edited by Ward Crockett
Sound by Bill Connor
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