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Trailer for Stage One

Edited by Mimi Snow

An accident involving a feminine hygiene product leads to confusion between a woman and her boyfriend. She begins to suspect that he might be unfaithful, and he begins to consider the significance of his infidelity.

Stage One is the first in a forthcoming series of five short comedies inspired by the five stages of grief: Denial; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; and Acceptance.

Stage One premiered at The Los Angeles International Short Film festival.  The film is distributed by Ouat Media and premiered on Television in 2012.

Stage One


Erin         Natalie Bolton

Scott       Chris Heltai

Written and Directed By Wendy Roderweiss

Produced by Natasha Bayus, Maura Reilly and Wendy Roderweiss

Cinematography by Ed Gutentag

Edited by Chris Eads

Sound by Mike Hickey

Distributed by Ouat Media

Premiered at The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival

Premiered on Moviola Short Film Channel, 2012

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