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Trailer for Inferno
Edited by Ward Crockett

After a mistake leaves an altruistic law-school grad desperate for a job, he interviews at a

firm of morally depraved divorce lawyers. Ultimately he must decide if he’s willing to sacrifice every principle he lives by in order to save his future.



Tommy Laudadio        Josh Bywater

Vince Marrow             Adam Wesley Brown

Archie Divine              John Lister

Leonard Gregory        David Pasquesi

Rebecca Wolfson       Marika Engelhardt

Brandi Carter              Leslie Murphy

Whit Whitney III          Ty Olwin

Lucy Syracuse            Rose Sengenberger

Tricia Porter                Aja Wiltshire

Karen Hart                  Janelle Snow

Bob Evergreen            Ron Conner

Amanda Evergreen     Dana Black

Barry Peck                   Sean Parris

Created and Written By Wendy Roderweiss & Michael O'Brien
Directed by Wendy Roderweiss
Produced by Kevin Endres, Brian Khan, Wendy Roderweiss and Michael O'Brien
Cinematography by John Klein
Production Design by Kaitlin Creadon
Edited by Ward Crockett
Sound by Andy Boznak

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