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Stage Three Trailer Coming Soon!

Edited by Sharon Mooney

Greg is enjoying his tour of Europe, visiting the places his Ukrainian mother lived as a young singer.  When his girlfriend Margot arrives from the States, it complicates his stay at a small B&B in Germany.  Greg suspects that Margot has committed a small act of vengeance and has to decide if he wants to know the truth.

Stage Three is the third in a forthcoming series of five short comedies inspired by the five stages of grief: Denial; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; and Acceptance.

Stage Three

Greg              Cyril Smith
Margot           Jessica Thigpen
Anke              Katie Lanigan
Werner          Joe Page  
Danielle         Noemi Schlosser
Bruno            Antonio Brunetti     

Written and Directed By Wendy Roderweiss
Produced by Natasha Bayus, Shayna Connelly, Sharon Mooney and Wendy Roderweiss
Cinematography by Charles Swanson
Edited by Sharon Mooney
Sound by Bill Connor
Score by Joel Martin
Color by Bob Sliga
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